Rubber & Foam / Sheets & Rolls

We Start with polymers, blowing agent, curatives & colouring chemicals…


Rubber Mixers


 We finish with foam & rubber products like this.


Rubber Solid

Gardiner Australia manufactures their own foam & sponge rubber in their Victorian manufacturing plant. We can then further value to add them by splitting them into sheets or converting them to continuous roll stock. Additionally a high performance adhesive backing can be applied in our Victorian  or South Australian manufacturing facilities.


Our Product range cover:


Polyethylene closed cell foams

EVA closed cell foams

EP closed cell Rubber

EPDM closed cell rubber

CR (neoprene) closed cell rubber

SE 444 high performance rubber


In addition to this we also handle the following foams:


PVC closed cell Foam

Polyester & polyether open cell foam


Product Range.


CR (neoprene) closed cell rubber sponge

EP closed cell foam

EPDM closed cell rubber sponge

EVA closed cell foams

Polyethylene (PE)  closed cell foam

Polyether & Polyester open cell Foam


SE 444 closed cell rubber sponge