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Stopall FZ Fire Rated Roof Infill Strips  
Stopall FZ Fire Rated Roof Infill Strips
Benefits of Stopall FZ

Stopall FZ increases the  fire resistance of your home by stopping  embers entering your roof cavity & destroying your home as alot of  houses burn down after the front fire has passed due to ingress of embers.
Stopall FZ is compliant with AS 1530.1 for use in infill for eaves, capping, valleys & hips.
Stopall FZ is an uncomplicated installation for new or existing roofs.
Stopall FZ will not be destroyed or compromised by rodents, birds or other vermin and forms a very effective barrier to these pests.
Stopall FZ creates a water, air & dust seal, thus also performs the task of a standard infill strip.
Stopall FZ cannot absorb ambient moisture so will not cause rust. 
Stopall FZ was designed & is patented in Australia.
Stopall FZ is manufactured in Australia.
Stopall FZ comes in black colorbond but can be manufactured in other colours as shown in the photo.
Stopall FZ profile is adjustable to allow for roof profile inconsistencies.


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